Premium Intraocular Lens Surgery

Premium Intraocular Lens Surgery is a procedure where your natural crystalline lens becomes cloudy (cataract) and it requires removal and replacement with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). Traditional cataract surgery is covered by the Ontario health insurance plan (OHIP) if it is performed at a local hospital.

Cataracts are one of the most common causes of vision loss for patients worldwide. Cataracts can develop naturally with age or can be an inherited genetic disorder. They can be caused from ocular or medical conditions, or previous eye surgery. A cataract will progressively worsen with time. Some will advance more rapidly than others, which will require surgical intervention sooner.

Premium Intraocular Lens Surgery utilizes premium lens implants (IOLs) such as toric (astigmatism correcting implants) and/or multifocal implants (which correct your vision for distance, intermediate and near tasks). Femtosecond lasers may also be utilized during premium intraocular lens surgery to assist your surgeon and in some cases help reduce risks associated with the procedure.

At Clear Vision Surgical all your options will be presented to you with the goal of making the most informed decision possible for your eyes.